Saturday, May 14, 2011


Got home from work tonight, and the dog is there.  Its right in my drive way, teeth bared.  So, doing what comes natural to a pissed off country boy, I hit it with my truck.  Now I don't drive one of the big SOBS that a lot of my neighbors do, but my truck is still big enough.  After tho, I hear it barking and snarling from underneath my truck.  So I back over it.  I see it again and it's GETTING BACK UP.  Third time being the charm, I hit it again.  When my tire is on it, I stop.  Better safe than sorry, I get out run inside, grab my shotgun, and go back out.  It's gone.  I had a truck parked on the dog and it is gone.  I have a dent in my fender and what looks like blood on my tires and the dog is gone. 

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