Sunday, May 22, 2011

Inside a Jail Cell

The sleepwalking is getting worse.  I've been out of touch for a while cause I've been in jail.  Evidently I decided to go on a rather long walk.  Twenty six miles to be exact.  How I did that in less than six hours I'm not sure.  Also when you take into account that I made a blog post, then got into one hell of a scrap while walking I walked fast.  I went to bed early on Wednesday and then next thing I really remember is waking up in a jail cell and I'm hurting bad.  I feel like I just went twelve rounds with someone.  I am cut up and beat up and my throat is just raw.  According to police reports I was found wandering the streets in town just bloody with my pocket knife out and in my hand.  I lucked out in the next part cause the officer that found me is one of my sparring partners.  I'll call him Jim in this blog.  Jim got out and asked if everything was ok, and I just went after him.  I was trying to scream something but they couldn't make it out.  He tasered the hell out me, pepper sprayed me, and finally cuffed me.  At that point I went limp.
  The good thing about small town Iowa is that they aren't going to press charges on me.  Jim has been a friend for years, he knows I would never attack him in my right mind.  I do have to go see a shrink, and I'm kinda on house arrest.  Lucky for me this all happened on my days off so I didn't lose my job.  What the hell is going on?  And what did I do before I ended up in town?

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