Thursday, May 5, 2011

Well that was fast

So apparently I got up in the middle of the night and logged on to my blog and commented.  While this was the point, I'm surprised it happened that quickly.  Also, despite it being may in the midwest, i also decided to crank my heater on. My wife was a little angry to wake up in a sauna.  She's rather glad about the blog tho.  My sleepwalking is bothering her, and anything that will get to the bottom of it is a good thing in her book.

The blogs I'm now following, are they real?  I mean it mostly just seems like a bunch of peoples English Fiction assignments, but no one seems to be critiquing them, or treating them as anything but the truth (holy run on sentence batman!)

To answer the question that always comes up (if anyone starts reading this, which I kinda doubt) timelessness is just my internet handle.  Anything online is that.  It came from a conversation back in the day (I'm old enough to say that, and that fact bothers me) about how I don't remember my dreams.  The closest thing is just a sense of timelessness after waking.  Feeling like most college kids do, I decided that I had uttered the most profound of statements and promptly adopted it as my handle.  Gotta run, kiddo wants breakfast.



  1. Nope, it's all a story. And it's a story that you REALLY shouldn't get into. Seriously, don't even read them. Just forget you ever saw them.

  2. I have a family...

    I'm in trouble aren't I?

    Oh my god...

    I really wish that dog would shut up...