Friday, May 6, 2011

Weird day

So last night no sleepwalking.  This is because almost no sleep.  I live in the country, about five miles from anywhere.  I like it, it's quiet.  Last night there was a barking dog all night long.  I left town to get away from that BS.  At one point I even went outside, fully intent on hosing that dog down if I could.  It was just off my property.  Big black ugly looking mutt.  Sounded angry too.  Next time it decides to bark all night at my house, I'm going to shoot it.  I got a little boy, I don't need dangerous dogs running around.
Got in to work today, and one of our smoke detectors was going off.  No fire, no smoke.  It took over five and a half hours before it got shut off.  The pitch was just so that it rattled in my skull.  I work in a restaurant, and I'm the guy in the front of house.  This of course set everyone on edge.  I had so many angry guests, my crew was upset, and the tone was just rattling my brain.  I can still feel it.
So after my shift I go and I pick up my son.  He's had a busy day helping mommy, and when he gets tired, he gets dark circles under his eyes.  This time tho, it was weird.  The dark circles extended down his face kinda like in a line.  It almost looked like harlequin makeup under his skin.  No amount of washing got it off either, it was definately under the skin.
That noise still in my head.  Ugh, it's miller time.

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