Saturday, May 7, 2011

Tequilla is not your friend

First let me say, ow my head. Why don't kids understand hangovers? 
Little calmer now.  Got a little drunk last night and had a bit of a freak out.  Didn't tell my wife, no need to worry her.  She's already mad that last night I went for a drive while asleep.  Didn't really go anywhere, just around our property (we have ten acres of land).  Before that tho, I guess I continued my freak out in my blog.  Least this time it was a post not a comment.  They say if you are talking to yourself, it might mean you are crazy.  :P Of course the 7224 popped up again.  I can't figure out what I'm trying to say in my sleep.  The worst part of the sleep walking to me?  I always wake up hoarse like I've yelling at a game the whole night.  The wife insists that I'm not making any noise, but man my throat hurts.
I'm still not quiet sure what to think of the blogs.  It seems like treat it like fantasy is the best course of action.  One comment someone made kinda worries me tho:
"If I'm following it, chances are it's a true account.  How do I predict thse blogs?Well, it's a little perk I still   hold from the organization I defected.... "

The guy who made that statement is now following my blog.
Edit: I think it's the same guy who is following my blog.  Same name, different icon.