Monday, May 9, 2011

Compulsions and blogs

So, bit of a confession going on here.  After my intial shock over what ever the hell is going on with all these blogs, I had read enough to know the smart thing to do is to stop.  Stop reading about it, ignore the blog, whatever.  I can't.  Not just in the sleepwalking me, but I feel a need to post on this when I'm awake.  I read all the blogs i follow. Then I read a post in one of my many archive binges about a compulsion to write.  Thank you Steward for that lovely piece of info, now I know exactly why I am screwing myself over. 

Sometimes, six beers just aint enough.  That's why they make cases.

You want to know my main thought when I read these blogs?  These are just kids most of them.  No bigger than my little sister who I helped potty train for Jesus' sake.  I know my house wasn't exactly normal (six of us, no dad, mom not exactly great, hell maybe that does make us normal anymore) but I just feel like these monsters, these fears as one blog called them, are going after kids.  I see my little sis, my brothers, even my son (at least who he will be) in these "runners."  Running is not an option for me.  Never really has been.  People depend on me, and need me.  If I were to run they would be just as screwed as if ... whatever comes.  I've fought, and I've won everytime it mattered.  Plus, I'm no kid.

Btw, one last thing from a comment from a different blog.  Mr. MorningStar, our bar manager has the perfect term for people like you.  You sir, are nothing but a big ol' bag of dicks. 

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