Friday, May 13, 2011

Hating hospitals

So at the park the other day with my son like I said I was going to, and guess who shows up?  That damn dog that was running around my property the other night.  It was threatening rain so kiddo and I were the only ones at the park, and I was sitting down zoning while he was playing on the swings and suddenly I hear barking.  My son is up a tree (one of those real ugly ones, thick trunks, branches going everywhere?  My wife could tell me what kind) and that dog is under it.  This is the first time I've ever seen this dog in full light and it's big. Like rottweiler big.  Completely black, with jaws just drooling.  First I thought it was rapid, but it turned right on me as soon as I moved and shot right toward me.  Rabies makes animals aggressive, but loopy.  They stagger like drunk.  This dog moved like I had beat it's master.  I'm a big guy (6'4" 230 lbs) and I know how to take a hit, but this dog knocked me down like it was a frieght train.  It went right for my face.  I got my hands up on it and pushed so it's teeth only grazed me, but if it had managed to I'm sure it was going to crush my skull.  Then it just got off me and ran away.  I'm dazed but I'm sure that dog has an owner who called it off.  Weird part is I live about twenty minutes into the country from the park.  That's a long way to go for a dog.  Anyway, I got two scraps down my cheeks where the dog tried to bite me.  One under each eye, I'm lucky I didn't lose one of them.  I filed a police report and if I see that dog again I'm shooting it no questions asked.

On the creepy side while blogger was out my wife found me trying to post while asleep.  I guess that's one dream I won't see evidence of.  Kinda makes me glad.

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