Monday, June 13, 2011

Still sleep walking/ Lunch with Jim.

Last night I got home around 3 am and went to bed.  I woke up this morning in Ogden Marsh.  Too far to walk, and my car was no where to be found.  Had to call my wife.  She has been remarkably understanding about all of this.  She doesn't read this blog, and I've kept some things from her.  I've added it to my online accounts spread sheet so if anything ever happens to me she'll know everything.  I asked her why she doesn't read it, and she said simply that "It's yours."

Lunch with Jim.  About Five miles away from where they found me, they found a pile of stray dogs, skinned.  The blood they found all over me that night?  What wasn't mine was dog blood.  Jim also told me something else.  He said that I had been screaming incoherently.  That wasn't true.  He told me what I said, and that it's been haunting his dreams.
"They are mine!  They were never forsaken!  I loved them!  You can't have them, I saved them!  He said you would come but you can't have them!"

Who the hell am I talking about?

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