Monday, June 6, 2011

In era of timelessness...

It has been waiting.  Time doesn't mean what most people think.  I am me and not.  I am watching myself.  There is nothing left holding it back anymore.  The deal has been struck, and the spiders are hungry.  The harbinger has left his mark again, and the forsaken will claim what is his.  Now truths will come to light.  I tried to remember before, to stop what was, and what will be.  I know now, that my terror is timeless.  I'm sorry adam, I failed me.  Go to 72 24th.  It begins again.  


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  1. Ok, I can't post much. I sat down at my computer to get some work done and I just opened up blogger and started typing. I didn't mean to type any of that, I couldn't stop myself. More to come, I gotta work. Really thinking of calling in my boss and leaving right now.