Wednesday, June 8, 2011

72 24th st ogden marsh IA 50212

It's just a little house, out in the country.  There is a family who lives there, I'll call them the Smiths for now.  I just stopped by and knocked.  Told them that I was looking into finding an old friend and that this was an address I got.  They told me they had only been living there two years, so it was possible.  Their names where John and Jane (Hence the Smiths, possibly a more generic set of names?)  They invited me in and John and I had a beer.  I asked about who they got it from and they directed me to the only Realtor in town.  Inside I noticed that they had a lot medical stuff just lying around, and I finally got nosey and asked if everyone was alright.  They laughed and said yes.  Evidently John was born without one of his legs.  He showed me the fake one he was wearing, I hadn't noticed.  Jane couldn't have kids.  So when they wanted a child, they adopted one that had a medical problem.  He was sleeping now.  Evidently he was abandoned at a hospital with severe frostbite all over his face. 
"It was like his face was gone." 
What the fuck?  I mean seriously, what did I know about this?  How do I know this kid?  My dreaming self freaked out about it before. 
I need to go to the realtor, find out who lived there before.  Also the hospital where their kid was left.  First however, Jim wants to grab lunch.  He says it's about the night I attacked him. 

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