Saturday, June 25, 2011

Almost gave it up

It's been almost two weeks since lunch with Jim.  I tried to just give up my search.  No I didn't.  There are secrets that I'm keeping from myself that a part of me really doesn't want to know.  Since that one post, I haven't talked to myself since.  I've been deleting them.  I thought maybe I was in the clear.  I found out what 7224 was.  Not enough, there is more.  I followed up on it.  You haven't found he library, the spiders wait.  I also haven't seen the dog in a while.  Till last night.  It attacked me again.  I was outside, with no idea how I got there.  I fought it off again, or maybe it just let me go.  It bit my face again.  Then I saw my son.  He was outside in his raincoat.  He was so pale.  His skin was almost blue.  Just standing there.  Then gone.  I ran back inside and he was asleep in his bed.  I understand what the message was.  I can give it up.  And I will lose my family.  The dog will take them instead.  I can't run, I've said that before.  I can't give it up either.  I need to find out why I follow the blogs I did when I set this up in my sleep.  I need to find out who owned 72 24th street before it's current owners.  I don't know how I know, but the answers will save me from that dog

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